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Designing a Catalogue for a Packaging Business

Who ever said that B2B marketing had to be boring? With all that’s happening online, it would be a missed opportunity for any business not to look outside what’s “always been done” and venture out into the captivating world of the Instagram aesthetic. With this approach, we were able to deliver a catalogue that stood out from the rest, as we work to distinguish this business as a recognizable brand. 

Project Overview

One of the more exciting projects we got to work on in 2018 was to create marketing materials for Enjay Converters, B2B packaging company located in Ontario.

To get the job done, we collaborated with two very talented creatives across North America. The goal was to appeal to a contemporary demographic with outstanding visuals. So instead of working with a traditional product photographer, we decided it would be great to collaborate with a content creator instead.

Capturing the Instagram Aesthetic

A content creator is a new role in today’s economy. This person is typically highly skilled across a range of relevant spheres, like photography (or videography) and social media. Because they’re constantly working in social media, running a blog and / or Instagram account in a specific niche, they have a strong pulse on what’s current trends and aesthetics.

Then it’s up to us, as creative directors or business owners, to determine who has the right aesthetic and skillset to accomplish the job.

Working with a Global Team

We chose to work with the talented Karlee Flores, the one-woman show behind the popular blog, Olive and Artisan.

On the graphic design side, we worked with Alex Cottles, the guy behind The Routine Creative.



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